Botswana’s conservation of biodiversity and experiences makes the South African country a leading tourist destination.

Botswana is the Southern Africa’s jewel with diverse ecosystems, amazing landscapes, and greater opportunities to spot rare wildlife on planet earth. Renowned travel writers see the country as a must-visit safari destination to explore.

Botswana places preservation of her rich natural gifts a top priority. Its cultural and environmental heritage is preserved with over 38 percent of its land officially protected. Botswana has gone far ahead in promoting sustainable tourism.

The country promotes sustainable tourism through grassroots organizations that support sustainable practices as well as encourages tourists to learn and involve themselves in conservation schemes. Most camps encourage tourists to be conservative. The Xudum & Beyondlodge, in Botswana’s famous Okavango Delta, lays emphasis on the importance of guests to recycle and re-use all the time. The camp features recycling of various objects every day – you can see broken garden spades being converted to comfy chairs.

Also, the Wilderness Safari lodge, Kingspool, located North of the Okavango Delta, operates completely on solar energy. They won the National Energy Globe Award with it two years ago. Guests are shown how the system works when they visit the area.

The in-house conservation team at Kingspool conducts research and educates the locals on the value of protecting fauna and flora, which are the things that attract tourists from around the world.

Keitumetse Setlang, Botswana Tourism Organization’s Communications and Public Relations Manager, which provides support for businesses as they continue to work towards achieving sustainability and improvement of the lives of locals.

According to Setlang, “Sustainable tourism is very important to Botswana. We operate a grading system known as Eco-Tourism Certification, which is awarded basically to tourism products. It looks at the entire ecosystem which includes; people, their heritage, culture, wildlife as well as other resources. It is not possible to sell a product and separate it from its people.”

Botswana had just concluded its fifth annual Travel and Tourism Expo. The program was held in Kasane, located up North. In a statement, Setlang says, “The Expo is a good platform for Botswana’s travel industry to meet with other travel trade operators from other parts of the world.””It offers a great opportunity for people from different parts of the world to see how un-spoilt and untouched Botswana is and also partake in what the country has to offer and for the tourism industry to expand.