According to Motor Vehicle Accident (MVA) Fund reports, a high percentage of injuries and fatalities among children are caused by motor vehicle crashes. Children between the age of zero and 15 years are at high risk of injuries and deaths from vehicle accidents.

In the period between January to March, about 16 percent of the total fatalities in children was accounted by motor vehicle accidents. Sidney Boois, Chief of Cooperate Affairs at MVA Fund said that children were the most vulnerable to motor vehicle accidents. He confirmed that people between the age group of 16 to 35 years accounted for 57 percent of road injuries and fatalities. Mr. Boois insisted that accidents were preventable and it would take all the parties involved to lessen the percentage of accidents. He implored motorists, parents, guardians, and members of the community to join efforts to keep children safe from road accidents. 

According to the MVA Fund, children face greater risks during night hours, weekends, and school holidays and before & after school hours. Children playing along with the streets and road, and those crossing the road without guidance were the most vulnerable. Mr. Boois insisted that there should always be people watching children especially when they are using the public roads. He also stressed on the responsibilities of motorists on observing traffic rules to evade accidents. 

MVA Fund management urged motorists to slow down while driving on residential neighborhoods and other areas such as shopping complexes and playgrounds to ensure the safety of children. The MVA Fund launched a campaign dubbed ‘#SlowDownAndSaveLives which insists on the importance of driving slowly to avoid vehicle accidents.