It goes without saying that the correct operating of your the wheels is crucial for your security and the effective functioning condition of your vehicle.

When you buy your car, the manufacturer makes sure that the wheel is well aligned against the surface of the road. But many factors can make this alignment go off. For instance, rough roads, a deterioration of suspension can lead to a misalignment of the wheels. This can strongly affect tire wear, tire performance, fuel efficiency and even vehicle handling. If the alignment is really bad, it’s easy to tell as you drive, as the car will pull one way. A misalignment may also provoke vibrations that are mainly felt in the steering wheel.

You can find tire alignment centres all over the country which can correct ‘toe in’ or ‘toe out’ of wheels. Make sure that the wheel alignment is done by a certified professional technicians, who are trained to provide this kind of service to your vehicle (each particular model requires different needs). The majority of these specialised garages have computer software licenses that can ensure that the accurate alignment is correctly done, with the help of laser sensors mounted on each wheel core.

Remember that a proper wheel alignment is really important to increase your tires’ life expectancy but especially to drive in safe conditions!!