Lightstone Explore, a research company and Tracker, a car tracking company provide the daily driving routine of many motorists in South Africa and other industries. Lightstones Explore and Tracker formed a fifty-fifty collaboration where Lightstone analyzed 2.5 million vehicle trips which Tracker customers undertake daily.

It leads to 450, 000 vehicles and 37 million km covered every day in the research. The data collected by Lightstone covered only motorists who had Tracker installed. According to the data, the number is enough to be statistically reflective of the whole motoring population in the nation. Lightstone Explore has a database of 3, 155 accurately devised service stations throughout the country.

Lightstone Explore technology combined with the Trackers data which has the start and end points of every trip, vehicle IDs and values. Its ability to track which filling station in the country is popular in South Africa. The trip data indicates where vehicle users fill up their vehicles, which service station they drive past, and the time averagely spend at the service station.

The busiest stations are located in popular towns and are often found along the highways especially in and around Gauteng. Shell Ultra Jacaranda in Midrand along the N1 north, experiences the most traffic which attracted 33107 drivers at the same period. In the list of twenty most visited petrol stations shell take seven slots with Engen having five, Total got four, and BP and Saol both had two each.