To import automobile or other goods to Botswana from abroad, you must comply with the shipping rules and pay taxes in the country.

How to ship your vehicle?

Several new and used transportation / shipping services are available in Botswana. On the other hand, the vehicle can be imported simply or through a container. The container shipping method is safer and more secure. The automobile by this method is secured throughout the trip. On the other hand, the simple method is less expensive than the container method for a car shipped to the country.

How to clear customs?

To clear the car, the importer can do it through the services of a customs representative or do it himself. Depending on the destination transmitted for the shipment, the carrier may at any time, take your vehicle if the representative has done all the procedures according to the standards.

Whether your vehicle is new or in second hand, it will be unloaded at the port of Durban. The agent will find ways and means for the car to arrive at the port of Durban. Usually, the representative carries the car to Botswana by vehicle carriers.

Estimating transport

To estimate the cost of international transport of vehicles, you have to look at the route that the vehicle will make before joining you. In addition, shipping rates also stem from the type of container and the type of vehicle. There are import costs for each agent or person who wants to ship a vehicle to Botswana.

Documents to be provided

The importer must show the following documents:

  • The import and residence permit to be obtained from the Ministry of Commerce
  • An IC.2 application form provided by the destination agent
  • Documents that are at least one year old and certify that the vehicle belongs to you
  • A document proving the purchase price of the vehicle
  • CE101 to be completed in duplicate and submitted with the passport
  • A residence permit and an import permit
  • A Clearance Certificat

At present, you can import a vehicle into Botswana regardless of its age.