Solar powered cars are vehicles that are entirely or partly powered by solar energy.

Such cars have photovoltaic cells which are part of solar panels that convert solar into electric energy which helps in powering the vehicle. The vehicle is in a position to use the power in two ways one way is used to control the vehicle to move while secondly the electric power is stored and later on used when the day is not sunny and during the night.

There are two solar power vehicles which are the hybrid and the electric vehicles. An electric car has an electric motor and stores energy in rechargeable batteries while solar electric vehicles use the solar energy to charge their batteries. Hybrid vehicles have two types of power; the internal combustion engine and electric motors used to power the vehicle electrically. Going with the type, the market favors both electric and hybrid electric vehicles.

The market also favors passengers, commercial and sports vehicles. Geographically the market is much into Europe, North America, Africa, Middle East, and Asia Pacific. Asia Pacific prefers solar-powered vehicles in their markets. In India, the government aims at providing 5 million electric vehicles by 2020 all which will be solar powered. The high number of days that are sunny in both China and India makes the two countries to be ideal market for the solar-powered vehicles.

North America is also a major powered solar car market with the US taking the lead in the region. Canada and Mexico are also major solar markets in North America. In Europe, the main solar-powered car markets are Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Netherlands and Belgium. The main solar-powered car markets in Africa and the Middle East are Iran and South Africa. Brazil and Argentina are the major solar powered car market in Latin America.

The current drop in the prices of solar panels is expected to increase the demands for solar-powered cars. Solar cars are environmentally friendly in that they don’t have soil pollution. The fact that the soar is free and the increasing prices of fuel make the solar-powered cars to be in high demand. The only caution with the solar-powered vehicles is that people are reluctant to adopt the idea of having the cars. The main opportunity for solar powered vehicles is the increasing acceptance of electric vehicles and hybrid vehicles globally. Main automotive manufacturers’ are expected to sell thousands of electric vehicles in the coming years.