A South African company, namely Ctrack made public its data findings of the vehicles that were most prone to hijacking in South Africa. Volkswagen’s Polo was identified as the most targeted passenger car; as far as SUV’s were concerned the Toyota Fortuner was marked as the most likely victim and the Ford was a third at the likelihood of being hijacked.

Ctrack findings indicated that there was a tendency of target cars being found next to popular cars; the company further identified Polo Vivo, Fortuner and several Ford cars stood out as the highest selling vehicles. In its correspondence to BusinessTech, the company also affirmed the fact that the same model of cars could be used by hijackers to conduct their illegal activities in the urban areas. Although the company admitted that speculation around the issue was a tuff call, they pointed out clearly that Volkswagon and Toyota being commonly owned car brands they were likely to be used in other illegal activities like vehicle robberies.

Things to consider

According to Fidelity ADT, the culprits do a lot of work to ensure that they remain as camouflaged as possible. This maintains a situation in which they can carry out a surprise attack which is more likely to be successful. The firm made an effort to pass pieces of advice that would go a long way to help motorists avoid being victims of hijacking incidents. First and foremost, motorists are supposed to be extremely cautious of their surroundings since they were at risk of being attacked by the least likely vehicle. It is key to note that most hijackers work in groups of fours’ or fives, thus the culprit vehicle may be full. A second vehicle may also be used to act as an enforcer, a method that highlights the coordinative working of hijackers in South Africa. Car owners are also warned to be wary of the vehicle that would try to block their path without any meaningful reasons.

How to counter a hijacking plot.

Fidelity ADT made a brief note of ways in which a person can result in order to avert a hijacking incident once the driver realizes that has been on their tail.

  1. Having an emergency number on your phone, this would help the driver react positively by reaching out to a trusted source who can be of assistance while on a phone call. Through this method, it is possible to give information that may either foil the criminal act or led to the apprehension of the culprits is they escape.
  2. One should maintain their balance and composure as much as possible as they have to be focused in order to think quickly on how to best deal the situation at hand.
  3. Communicating to the assailant’s car should not be done under any case.
  4. One should drive at a slower speed to make it difficult to be followed.
  5. The car stereo system ought to be turned down to ensure full concentration on the matter at hand.
  6. Car hazards and the headlights can be on to ensure one catches the eye of other road users.
  7. Your home is a no-go zone, it is unwise to lead a thief directly to your house.
  8. As you drive slowly, aim at ending up at public places e.g. parks.