In Africa, road accidents are frequent and Botswana is one of the countries most affected by this phenomenon. It is therefore necessary for each citizen to have knowledge and rules of conduct to follow. It does not matter if you are a driver, pedestrian or even a simple passenger in the vehicle.

Your attitude and the actions you will take after an accident have immediate consequences for the life expectancy of the injured. Any lack of assistance or respect for the law can simply lead you to jail for non-assistance.

Actions to do immediately after the accident

No one can predict that an accident will happen and no one knows the place or the time of such an event. This is why we must react quickly enough to reassure ourselves that all the accident victims are safe and that all the legal steps have been respected.

Therefore, you need to do the following:

  • Stay calm when such event has just happened because several people are very often emotional or nervous. If you succeed in controlling your emotions, you will be in the same position to have the best attitude.
  • Stop immediately without blocking traffic or putting people at risk.
  • Control traffic by lighting your hazard lights and asking others to put signs to warn vehicles near or approaching. Do not forget to set up warning triangles to avoid further accidents.
  • Stay at the scene of the accident, except for injuries that require immediate and urgent attention.

Call for help

It is necessary to call the rescue to help the wounded and protect them from traffic in the opposite direction. Especially do not touch injured people unless it is necessary to do so; any inexperienced manipulation can aggravate their injuries or their sanitary situation. Call emergency numbers 997 for ambulances, 998 for firefighters or police at 999 in Botswana.